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<p>100% natural, soft, luxurious, fluffy yarns for cool and fashion KYI*!</p> <p>Looking for&nbsp;impeccable quality and&nbsp;ancestral&nbsp;know-how, it&nbsp;is&nbsp;in Peru&nbsp;that&nbsp;we have researched&nbsp;our&nbsp;first 3&nbsp;yarn qualities.&nbsp;The animals living conditions&nbsp;are optimal&nbsp;there: alpacas&nbsp;andsheeps are raised&nbsp;in the&nbsp;Peruvian Andes&nbsp;with respect for&nbsp;the environment.</p> <p><strong>ALPACA</strong>&nbsp;fibers&nbsp;does not contain&nbsp;lanolin,&nbsp;making it&nbsp;quasi-hypoallergenic.&nbsp;It is resistant&nbsp;and no other&nbsp;animal fiber&nbsp;offers this&nbsp;variety of colors:&nbsp;more than 16&nbsp;recognized&nbsp;natural shades.</p> <p><strong>BABY&nbsp;ALPACA</strong>&nbsp;fibers&nbsp;are&nbsp;collected&nbsp;in the neck&nbsp;of the animal,&nbsp;where they are&nbsp;the most&nbsp;beautiful and&nbsp;sweet.</p> <p><strong>MERINO&nbsp;</strong>fibers,&nbsp;the finest&nbsp;in the world, are comfortable, durable and&nbsp;has the distinction&nbsp;of not&nbsp;prick skin.&nbsp;Suitable for&nbsp;sensitive skin,&nbsp;merino&nbsp;is the perfect&nbsp;yarn for&nbsp;toddlers.</p> <p>*KIY = Knit it yourself !</p> <p><strong></strong></p>


100% natural, soft, luxurious, fluffy yarns for cool and fashion KYI*!

Looking for impeccable quality and ancestral know-how, it is in Peru that we have researched our first 3 yarn qualities. The animals living conditions are optimal there: alpacas andsheeps are raised in the Peruvian Andes with respect for the environment.

ALPACA fibers does not contain lanolin, making it quasi-hypoallergenic. It is resistant and no other animal fiber offers this variety of colors: more than 16 recognized natural shades.

BABY ALPACA fibers are collected in the neck of the animal, where they are the most beautiful and sweet.

MERINO fibers, the finest in the world, are comfortable, durable and has the distinction of not prick skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, merino is the perfect yarn for toddlers.

*KIY = Knit it yourself !

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At Kesi'Art, we create material for fun, graphic and colorful DIY. We like to think that we bring people beautiful moments of fantasy, we give them inspiration and especially help them to use their imagination. With our different vision based on creativity, sharing and the desire to create links, we are a small organization that shows a particular attention and reactivity on the market. Concerned to be always more efficient, our customers are at the heart of our concerns; meeting their expectations is one of our priorities!

Our style is energetic and colorful, in line with the desires of fans of creative hobbies ... A well-defined graphic style that displays a clean and recognizable identity. A desire to stick to market trends.

Our products are accessible both in terms of their use and their value for money, even if we must recognize that we will never be the cheapest on the shelves.

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Maille name is


"maille name is" is a trademark proposing yarns and accessories for all lovers of knitting, crochet, weaving, embroidery and macramé! We offer high-quality wool, 100% natural with nosynthetic fiber for made with love knitting, sustainable knitting, fun and colorful knitting, easy and pleasant knitting...

"maille name is" is for fans of hand-made, for lovers of beautiful materials and enthusiasts of unique pieces.

More than classic color chart, "maille name is" offers color harmonies.

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