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L'île à Mousse is the universe of textile creation for the little ones. In order to awaken their imagination, I conceive and realize characters sparkling colors, sympathetic and endearing.

On the salons and on my online shop, you will find different models of comforters and dolls declined in kit.

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L'île à Mousse

"L'île à Mousse" was born in 2009 with a passion for the world of children and a desire to enrich their imagination.

In my workshop, I create traditional bears that combine the image of the "teddy bears" of our grandparents to a craft. Made with quality natural materials, each bear is a unique piece with a different personality and expression.

The quest for originality leads me to imagine other creations: dolls, comforters, blankets, etc ... Unique shapes, sparkling colors and soft fabrics are the must-have of these products entirely made by hand.

In order to satisfy the most daring, some of my creations are declined in kit accompanied a pattern and a detailed and illustrated step-by-step.

The realization and the personalization of a model becomes thus accessible to all.

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