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Greeting card "Nature"


Nature series greeting cards have shaped papers that mocief in the nature. Leaf , feather , and sea life. The shaped papers can use for window decoration same as Snowflake.

Stands :

  • J 049

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Our campaney established in 1889 as wholeseller of Japanese paper. We have traditional print skill , similar to stencil technic. Almost our products made from traditinal hand-made Japnese paper.  One of the paper kinds , "HONMINOSHI" were listed on UNESCO helitage list in 2014.¿All Acsessories,Crane, Gold fish, etc were made from "HONMINOSH- ORIGAMII". In our booth, you can see many paper products "Snowflake" "ORIGAMI acsessories" "Stationaries" "ORIMAMI" etc. 

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