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This product made with real Japanese handmade paper, "HONMINOSHI". "HONMINOSHI" were listed on the heritage list of UNESCO in 2014. "Balle" is making with Origami method. You can see the making style in our booth.

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Our campaney established in 1889 as wholeseller of Japanese paper. We have traditional print skill , similar to stencil technic. Almost our products made from traditinal hand-made Japnese paper.  One of the paper kinds , "HONMINOSHI" were listed on UNESCO helitage list in 2014.¿All Acsessories,Crane, Gold fish, etc were made from "HONMINOSH- ORIGAMII". In our booth, you can see many paper products "Snowflake" "ORIGAMI acsessories" "Stationaries" "ORIMAMI" etc. 

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