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3D Advent calendar to mount


A nice activitie to wait for Christmas !
Easy-to-make boxes, no scissors or glue needed: This «Advent Calendar» pack contains e verything you need to mak e a 3D advent calendar :
24 folding triangular bo xes, numbered from 1 to 24, pr e-cut and cr eased, 48 tr ansparent stickers for closing the bo xes, 24 pr etty strings for hanging the finished boxes
Designed and made in France,

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  • VN 012

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LA MAISON DU CALENDRIER - Advent calendars et stationnery
La Maison du cCalendrier designs objects and toys to accompany children to see and understand the notion of time.
Our products are toys, educational objects, stationery, decoration ... around the notion of Time.
Our products are designed and made in France.

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