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Astrid and Caroline have been working on Biches & Bûches since the Summer 2015. We created our brand with an idea of consciousness, thoughtfulness, love and cosiness. Thinking about the joy one feels while knitting for oneself, and the pleasure of wearing that piece with happiness and pride, or the thoughtfulness of preparing a present for a loved one, putting so much love into it, stitch after stitch.

The feeling behind the Biches & Bûches designs is a mixing of all the Scandinavian adventures, roots and memories Astrid is walking around with, and the soft French landscapes she has under her window while designing. The designs are minimalistic, for an everyday use by girls and women, as we love a comfy, simple and elegant style. She often tells me how much she loves playing with colors.

We love our yarn. The Biches & Bûches is a pure lambswool from Scotland, from a family-owned fiber mill. It


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